Embroidery and Screen Printing

At Hot Promotions Online we can apply your logo, message and branding through embroidery, screen printing and many other decoration processes. Please see below for details of the different application methods available. Our trained sales staff will be able to advise the best option for you. Simply email through your logo to info@hotpromotionsonline.com.au with your contact details and a brief description of what items you are wanting to logo.  One of our trained staff will contact you.



Embroidered logos create a statement like no other.  As a traditional method of decorating products, embroidery stands the test of time due to its effectiveness in enhancing logos.

Embroidery adds value to any product or promotion. Products that can be embroidered include, but are not limited to, clothing, hats, bags and scarves.

The cost of embroidery is based on the size of the logo and the number of items to be embroidered.  There is a "one off" artwork set up charge to format your logo for embroidery.  This set up charge applies to your first order only as your artwork is saved on file for future reference. However, additional artwork charges may apply to future orders should changes be made to the original artwork.  Discounts are available on larger quantity orders.


This process is best used for a single or 2 colour logo onto a minimum of 25 garments per order. It is most economical for larger prints and can be used in conjuction with embroidery. It is quite popular to place embroidery on the front left chest of a polo or t-shirt and a large screen print on the back.

This process of decorating is direct to garment. It is achieved by pressing special fabric ink through a fine mesh screen, leaving a colour imprint on the fabric's surface. High visibility at a low cost on large quantities!  Screen printing is used on clothing, stubbie holders, bags etc.


Dye-Sublimation uses a full colour (or 4-colour process) print and allows you to print photos onto polyester surfaces.

It involves transferring an image onto a white surface. The special dye-sublimation inks penetrate into the polyester surface. Dye-Sublimation is extremely popular with small and large runs of stubbie holders, specially coated ceramic mugs and large volume runs of clothing and hats.

PLASTISOL TRANSFERS (Screen Print Transfers)

Multi-colour logos are applied to products through the use of transfers. Logos are first reverse-screened on to a paper like material. The complete logo is then applied to the fabric's surface with high heat and pressure.

The use of the application will depend on a number of factors including the number of logo colours, the complexity of the logo, the size of the logo, the type of fabric on which the logo will be applied and the time frame required for completion of order.  Products include:  clothing, bags, hats, etc.


Usually used on larger runs of items, the new technology of digitial transfers allows for the production of more detailed logos or the production of photo quality finishes. The images are printed directly onto the transfer paper then applied to the fabric with high heat and pressure. Used for more complex logos and may result is a fine line around the outside of the image.   Products include: clothing, bags, hats etc.


For small quantity runs and fast turn-arounds, we can provide a similar product to digital transfers, known as 'C-flex' print. Used for photo quality printing, these images must have a simple outline area. Text will need to be incorporated into the image. If the logo does not have a background to the logo or print, then we may need to create a background for you. Products include: clothing, bags, hats, etc.  To view a sample of a c-flex print or any other Hot Promotions Online sample you are welcome to visit one of the Hot Cotton showrooms located in Osborne Park and Kewdale and to speak to one of their qualified sales staff.


For single colour, small quantity runs and fast turn-arounds, we can provide a product called 'V-flex' print. Used for large and simple 'text' and 'cut out' designs. A set number of colour options are available to choose from.  Great for small run orders, and large front and back designs. This method involves a machine cutting out your text or image from a special clothing vinyl which is then applied to your garment using high pressure and heat. Products that can utilise this print style include clothing, bags, hats, etc.  To view a sample of a v-flex print or any other Hot Promotions Online sample you are welcome to visit one of the Hot Cotton showrooms located in Osborne Park and Kewdale and to speak to one of their qualified sales staff. 


Custom badging is a fantastic decoration method to create a premium promotional product. You can customise the badge with your logo and choose from a variety of styles to suit. Badges can be created in almost any shape, can be antiqued or black highlighted and are also available in colour.  Metal Badging can be used on hats or plain metal pins, buckles, etc. This is a specialised field and enquiries for this form of decoration should be directed to info@hotpromotionsonline.com.au